Treatment Services

Better Way programs are structured as three separate programs on a continuum of gradually lessening intensity: Residential, Intensive Outpatient (Day/Night) and regular Outpatient. This allows cost efficient and effective use of Better Way's treatment and rental assisted housing resources. It also permits the flexibility to place clients according to individual need in the least restrictive setting, since, with the exception of the Residential treatment program, housing is now considered separately from treatment and other services. Clients may move through treatment in any direction, based on their progress, or lack of progress, in accomplishing their recovery goals.

Treatment programs are staffed using a multi-disciplinary team approach. Treatment planning meetings for each program are held weekly but all clinical and resident management staff meet daily to ensure communication concerning client progress throughout the continuum. Housing staff work closely with counselors to maximize housing opportunities.
Treatment is designed to develop each client's personal strengths and abilities necessary for responsible and successful recovery. Individual, family and group modalities are employed. A complete curriculum of substance use disorders education covering the disease concept and all aspects of pertinent recovery skills is presented. Comprehensive vocational, educational, medical, legal assistance, recreational and other services are available throughout the continuum of Better Way care, either on site or a short distance away. All services operate with strict adherence to the policies and procedures protecting client rights, confidentiality and integrity of clinical care. An Active Continuous Quality Improvement (*CQI) program operates throughout the continuum to monitor outcomes and effect improvement where indicated.