Danny T - Personal Story

My name is Danny T, with the help of Better Way of Miami I have been clean and sober since 1985. After detoxing in Mount Sinai’s addiction program in 1985 I walked through the doors at Better Way Of Miami, never knowing that I would have the life that I have today. In the years that I abused drugs and alcohol I survived many obstacles and disappointments. I felt inadequate and inferior, so I tried to escape those feelings by numbing them with drugs and alcohol, but as they say “one was too many and a thousand was never enough”. I never really had a clue about living any other way. Better Way taught me how to really live a happy joyous and free life without the use of any mind or mood altering chemicals. Here at Better Way I was introduced to the 12 Steps, as adopted by the various 12 Step programs. I began to make changes and understand what my life was really about and what I really wanted out of it. Since coming to Better Way I have achieved my educational goals by completing the CASE program at the University of Miami. Today, I work for Better Way as a Counselor, Resident Director and on many other levels, because I owe Better Way my life. I also serve my community by helping NBA players seek recovery and being actively involved with adolescents, children and recovery. I believe that I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away, so today I make amends for the life that I once lived by living the life that I live today “one day at a time”. I am grateful that I continue to have the opportunity to help others to achieve their goals in recovery like I have.