In response to the Corona-19 Pandemic, Better Way has stopped seeing Outpatient clients on its campus.

If you are receiving services through Medicaid or a private insurer, please contact our Outpatient Services office to discuss setting up remote sessions.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

Welcome to Better Way Of Miami's Home Page.Better Way has been providing services for over a quarter century, and has earned the reputation of being one of South Florida’s most respected recovery agencies. Better Way offers a full continuum of care affording an optimized opportunity to get clean and sober and to enjoy long-term recovery.


Better Way of Miami, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care facility, has provided one of the most effective long term treatment programs in the southeast for those seeking a real answer to their drug and alcohol addictions. Better Way is proud to be a vital and integral part of the developing systems of care for the homeless, the addicted, the dually diagnosed and the HIV Positive in Miami-Dade County.


Since its inception, Better Way has been serving people from minority communities prominently including African Americans from all over Miami-Dade County. Primarily treating people for behavioral health issues while also addressing their medical needs, we have long attempted to close disparities created by racial divides in education, employment and housing. It has always been an uphill battle. Experience and evidence show that these divisions lead to inequities in individual and community health. 

We are making this statement in support of the families, friends and colleagues of the lives lost to social and systemic injustice. We continue to support and encourage the awareness raised by the peaceful demonstrations throughout our country and the world due to the senseless and frightening death of George Floyd and so many others. It is 2020. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I have a Dream” speech in 1963. We hope that this heightened awareness will remain in our consciousness and lead to vast societal improvements that will in turn lead to the better health and well-being of us all regardless of the color of our skin.


Michael Festinger


Better Way of Miami, Inc.